25 January 2010 20:18 GMT

That's the working title for the D2 set I'm currently working on. It's a departure from what I've done before using D2. With Enemy Within, we pushed what standard D2 could offer as far as it would go. I have no intention of trying to improve upon that; it could be done but it would simply be a repeat of what I've done before.

This one is hinted at by the end phase of Anthology. That's based on D3, using the cube engine of D2 to do as much as reasonably possible. I intend to take that further.

Secrets of the Past is, essentially, a bridge between the old worlds of Descent and the worlds of today. It's something to do before I get set up with a modern engine, and perhaps take a small team with me. I'm keeping that in mind because of the scope of making add-ons for modern games. Sirius and myself could cover the whole thing ourselves, but it takes longer and longer to do.

That's something else I have to deal with - project management. Back in 1999 with Obsidian, it was just a matter of moving people on to whatever needed to be done next. Now, there's going to be a lot more work to do. There's a list of things I'd like, but I'm leaving plenty of space to scale it back in case it just takes too long to complete.