24 January 2008 23:27 GMT

So, you pretty much need to use 3DS if you want to do modelling on this side of the world.

On the bright side, it's going to leave me experience in pretty much all the 3D software used today, with the exception of Lightwave. Unfortunately, if I wanted to learn it in college, I would have had to take a degree in architecture instead of graphic design. So I had to see

what I could do with it during the 30-day trial.

It's a nice program, I'll give it that. I didn't get as far through it as I would have liked, but you can only do so much within 30 days. Accomplishing anything substantial will require a full copy, which would set me back about 6-7 times what I can afford to spend on it.

To make things worse, the local games industry is nearly non-existant; even Iceland has a bigger profile thanks to CCP. It'll take a while to get anywhere.