21 April 2008 20:35 GMT

Most of my levels for this set are now complete, except for the secret level which is currently about halfway there. Having attempted to achieve a more life-like look for numerous parts of these levels, it's become quite obvious that you need to use custom textures to actually pull it off, because the Descent 2 textures, on reflection, are some of the least realistic ever made for a game. Descent 1 wasn't brilliant, but it was slightly better.

Unfortunately, when you do go all-out, making custom textures and improving Descent 2 to a standard that it can resemble a real place, you may as well have just used a different game and completed it in half the time. So you have to come to a compromise.

Anyway, the robots are 60% done now. Working with a real 3D application, not Polytron, certainly makes that quicker. It should end up looking like another Descent 2 campaign, though I have to laugh about working on such a thing 11 years after Vertigo. Single-player still seems to hold interest.

There's still a chance that I'll add a custom cockpit, though it depends on what else I have to do at the time. I'm looking at finishing everything else within the week.