16 March 2008 10:21 GMT

Vignettes is a collaborative Descent 2 project co-ordinated by DarkFlameWolf on the DescentBB forums. There are about five individual level designers working on it, contributing 5-6 short levels each. Wolf is arranging the play balance, to my knowledge.
Apart from adding a previously unreleased level into this project, I'm making another five from scratch.

The concept of the project is to focus on one or two key features for every level, keeping them relatively short individually. I'm focussing specifically on environment.
"Into the Deep" is a combination of elements, some surreal and some less so. "A Road That Leads" is an ancient underground city - I'm going to have to be careful with the lighting for it to work, since the Descent rock textures only superficially resemble cement. Adding that to an architectural layout, this one is going to take the longest time to complete.
The final two levels are more traditional Descent 2-style

configurations, but with their own unique elements pulling them together.
The secret level that goes along with them is still in the planning stages. The plan is to make it as convoluted as Aquarius Falls from Obsidian, but different in appearance and layout.
Also to be included in this project are a number of custom robots. I've started work on those; the biggest challenge will be formatting them, since making such simple models is a doddle compared to what I have to do for modern game engines.